Green Valley Swimming Pool and Sports Club Hates Lesbians

From Pennsylvania’s York Daily Record’s editorial:

“The pool’s policies regarding same-sex couples with children were recently the focus of a news story. Michelle Gladfelter of Manchester Township applied for a membership at the pool and was denied the family membership discount.

She is in a relationship with another woman, and the two are raising a 5-year-old child together.

Mr. Jacobs said the pool does not recognize same-sex marriages. That’s why the three were denied the discount.

Pennsylvania does not recognize same-sex marriages either, so he would seem to be on solid legal ground.

It’s a private club. He’s not saying gay people can’t join, just that same-sex couples don’t qualify for family discounts.

But here’s where the logic seems to break down: Mr. Jacobs said the pool does offer family discounts to unmarried heterosexual couples and children.

So an unmarried opposite-sex couple gets a discount while an unmarried same-sex couple doesn’t?”


Read more by clicking the links. Or tell Green Valley what you think on their Facebook page:


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