Adrienne Rich

From Transcendental Etude:


Homesick for myself, for her–as, after the heatwave

breaks, the clear tones of the world

manifest: cloud, bough, wall, insect, the very soul of light:

homesick as the fluted vault of desire

articulates itself: I am the lover and the loved,

home and wanderer, she who splits

firewood and she who knocks, a stranger

in the storm, two women, eye to eye

measuring each other’s spirit, each other’s

limitless desire,

a whole new poetry beginning here.



9 comments on “Adrienne Rich

  1. Beautiful, and thank you for this. Adrienne is irreplaceable, a treasure.

    I checked over at feministe, and of course it took but a few comments in before trans “DonnaL” arrived and shat all over their notice of Adrienne’s death. (Adrienne is considered a Second Wave feminist, and you know how they think they are soooooo! much! BETTER! at feminism than the Second Wave women.) Now the thread’s been derailed between trans whining that Adrienne never saaaaaaid she loooooooved them, and non-trans people stroking themselves over what great people they are for dissing Adrienne. You know, the usual infantile crap that feministe posts, completely lacking in insight or nuance. Whatever. We know how awesome Adrienne was, and her writing will live forever.

  2. I noticed the “Lotus Becca” thing too, Gallus. Good grief, you just can’t make this shit up. They’re like something out of a freakin’ Christopher Guest movie.

  3. That cracked me up too, and in *that* thread. Way to divert even more attention from what Lily was saying, etc. And they all rushed to congratulate and support him!

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