So What Does Cis Really Mean?

Cis. We’ve all heard it. Most women find the word offensive. Perhaps it’s because at some subconscious level women know there’s something creepy about the word? They’d be right. “Cis” comes from the Latin root meaning to “cut” or “kill.”

With this is mind, what do trans really mean when they call women cis-women or cis-females or cis-lesbians? They are literally saying, “cut and kill women/females/lesbians.”

I guess we now know what the trans agenda really is. Yet some women continue to believe trans are harmless and can be women’s/lesbian allies and should be welcome in women-only space. Get a clue already, k? Jack the Ripper is not your friend, your ally or harmless. By calling you “cis,” Jack has literally stated he wants to cut and kill you. So, are you still thinking about rolling out the welcome mat for all those Jacks out there?


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  1. The above post about lesbians and gay men being “cissies” was the work of Jade Pichette, M2T, sponsor of the upcoming male-only seminar about “breaking through the cotton ceiling” -of lesbians lack of desire for males- btw if the screenshot not clear.

  2. “Note: Cissies (Siz*Zies) is not pronounced the same way as sissies”

    What. The only difference is the pause between the two syllables.

    *rofl* They get better by the day.

  3. I’m not being a good ally? Oh, NO! Whatever shall I do? Thanks so much for putting me back on the correct path to righteousness, as of course all ‘transfolk’ are. Somehow I get the feeling, though, that I am “checking my privilege” ALL THE FUCKING TIME.

  4. “Cissies: A playful term to refer to cis people.”

    More like a demeaning term. No oppressive history? What does he think a “sissy” is? A demeaning term for a male who is “like a girl”, full of ancient contempt for the female. It may not be exactly the same word as “sissy”, but it’s close enough.

  5. “Cisgender has its origin in the Latin-derived prefix cis, meaning “to/this the near side,” which is antonymous with the Latin-derived prefix “trans.” This usage can be seen in the cis-trans distinction in chemistry, or in the ancient Roman term “Cisalpine Gaul”, i.e., “Gaul on this side of the Alps”. In the case of gender, however, “cis” refers to the alignment of gender identity with assigned gender.”

    Please get it right. If we’re on the side of right we don’t don’t need to make stuff up to prove it. I hate giving fuel to their insanity.

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  7. @Carolyn – You should really know better than to use Wikipedia as a source. It is not a reputable source or reliable. In fact, if you used it as a reference in school, the teacher would give you an F.

    That said, perhaps you’d like to Google it? You will find that I am correct. Cis(e) and Cide are derived from the same Latin root which means to cut and kill. Here, let me help you out. Here’s some English for students:

  8. Trans people are really starting to piss me off! They have no idea what it is like to be a woman! I blame the third wavers (who are actually worshippers of patriarchy) on the fact that they worship “transfolks”

  9. No, seriously, Carolyn (and Wikipedia) is right.

    Cis (“on the same side”) is just the antonym of trans (“the other side”). It’s used in chemistry, too (cis/trans isomerism).
    The fact that it looks similar to the -cide/-cise you’re referring to is neither here nor there – there’s no more of a connection between the two than between “rose” as the flower and “rose” as the past tense of “rise”.

    I’d agree that “cissie” is a shitty thing to say, but inventing a completely wrong etymology for the prefix just makes you look silly.

  10. No, seriously, you, Carolyn and Wikipedia are wrong. I’ve already provided you with a link, but hey, Google it yourself. You will find approx. 9 gazillion references saying it means to cut or kill. Sorry, but words don’t mean whatever trans want them to mean. Transpeak is no more a language than Pig Latin is.

    I will not be approving any more comments which argues that Cis means something other than what it does in order to appease trans and their woman-hating religion. Sorry, but I’m an atheist. I agree tho that “trans” means to “cross over” and “beyond.” Trans have crossed-over over all thresholds of reality and are beyond logic, reality and reason.

  11. luckynkl – You picked -cise and -cide, both variants. Cis by itself as a prefix seems to be pretty much ‘on the side of’ like cisalpine when speaking of Gaul. I used the Wiki definition but it wasn’t the only ones I looked at. Used a lot in science. I don’t think cisgender means cut – then the trans people would be the cis’s.
    And I am not trying to appease any trans people. They have indeed crossed a line when they complain lesbians aren’t all available sexually to them. And when I need womens space to get energy, I find transwomen very distracting and occasionally offensive.
    The whole so-called Cotton Ceiling thing is offensive on many levels. I jus’t dont agree on this part of the issue.

  12. I agree tho that “trans” means to “cross over” and “beyond.” Trans have crossed-over over all thresholds of reality and are beyond logic, reality and reason.

    LOL, I want that on a t-shirt.

    Whilst we are on about meanings, “trans” meaning to “cross over” – “transgender” is a misnomer – they don’t go from one gender to another, they keep the same “internal gender” and change their bodies to fit the internal fantasy. So they are in fact, to use their own (offensive) term “cis-gender”. The reason they cannot get political analysis right is that it is based on fantasy and role-play. That’s what happens when you just make stuff up.

  13. @Carolyn – there are 8 variants. Cis is one of them. Here’s another link which should make the meaning of cis quite clear. It even has a picture. 🙂

    But you are correct. Trans have it backwards. Trans are the folks who are cut and therefore cis, not women. But what else is new with men? They always get everything upside down and half-assed backwards.

  14. I guess that’s why they’re so fond of making death threats, rape threats, and saying things like “die cis scum.”

    And while we’re on the subject, what the fuck is THIS song about???
    “Beauty Killer” by Jeffree Star

  15. I honestly don’t care what it means (really, I don’t.) Because to me what it signifies in current-day usage is: “We ‘trans women’ get to re-name ‘natural-born’ women because we don’t like the idea of using ‘real’ or ‘natural-born’ women — it makes us uncomfortable. We want to reduce or dilute their claim to being ‘real’ or ‘natural-born’ women, and of course what WE ‘trans women’ want takes precedence over the needs and feelings of ‘real’ or ‘natural-born’ women.”

    It’s insulting, offensive, abusive, narcissistic and vile. It would be like me (a non-African-American, multi-racial woman) announcing that I am henceforth going to call all African-American people “coffee-people” and furthermore I expect all African-American people to ALSO refer to themselves as “coffee-people” — just because I said so. How well do you think that would fly? Do y’all think that African-American people would find it just a wee bit presumptuous and creepy for me to tell them what they should call themselves? And what everyone else should also call them?

    How about if I and 47 of my buddies started a campaign to get everyone to call them that and also posted “funny” things on our Facebook pages like “Die Coffee Scum”?

    Do you think it would be considered hate speech? Yeah, so do I.

  16. @ Mavis Mantis — They get mad when people think of them as being like that dude in “The Silence of the Lambs” but then one of them puts a video like “Beauty Killer” on YouTube. Go figure.

    The almost comical posing and posturing. The narcissism. The hours upon hours spent utterly obsessed with and becoming sexually aroused by their own self-adornment. Their obsession with mixing make-up and costumes with violence and death.

    Yeah, they’re JUST LIKE US.

    Um. No. They’re not.

  17. Brilliant, Rose:

    ““We ‘trans women’ get to re-name ‘natural-born’ women because we don’t like the idea of using ‘real’ or ‘natural-born’ women — it makes us uncomfortable. We want to reduce or dilute their claim to being ‘real’ or ‘natural-born’ women, and of course what WE ‘trans women’ want takes precedence over the needs and feelings of ‘real’ or ‘natural-born’ women.”

    Exactly. Reduce or dilute actual women.

    Thank you!

  18. Rose, thank you for that comment. I’ve seen trans write things like “How on earth could anyone find ‘cis’ offensive?” And in spite of the fact that they are totally well-aware that it IS–or perhaps because they are–they go on using it. Exactly like the racists who refused to use the word “Black,” and stayed with “Negro” for as long as they could possibly get away with it. And yet, these trans creeps just insist that they are right, we are wrong, and that somehow, being offended is, what–stupid? Silly bitches acting all emotional and irrational again?

    I am tempted, soooo very tempted, to go to this workshop, MAKE them check my genitalia, MAKE them keep me out, when I tell them that I am identifying as a male-at-birth-without-consent (!). I would so love to be a fly on the wall there, with a camcorder. I want to play it for the 3d wave appeasers.

    Is there anyone in Toronto who is able and willing to try this? (I actually can’t go there, as much as I would like to.) As disgusting a project as it might be?

  19. I just dropped by the Facebook page for Planned Parenthood Toronto to look at the talk about this workshop. The petition is there, and the comments go pretty much along these lines: “Fuck you!” “Eat shit!” “Keep your American Hate out of Canada!” and so forth.
    I take it back. I don’t want ANYONE to go to this vile thing. Oh, sorry, I forgot that “vile” is a term that is reserved for radical feminists, and anyone else who offers any critique or questions in any way the wonderfulest bestest of all the people on earth, the transwomen.
    Those cwazy Canadians. Ooops. I’m a Canadian. I really am. Just not an EVOLVED Canadian.

  20. I was coercively assigned American at birth (CAAAB) but I identify as Canadian. I went there once, so I know all about Canada. And I feel Canadian inside. Other people might think I’m American because of pesky little details like being born on US soil to parents who were both US citizens and living all but a very short period of my life in the US. But when they point those kinds of things out they are denying my right to self-identify however I feel inside, which is trans-citizen-phobic. Kitty, those Facebook commenters you mention need to check their Cis-Canadian privilege!

  21. Awwa KittyBarber — I think you mean you’re not a DEVOLVED Canadian. Only a Canadian who is actively choosing to involve perself in devolution would be OK with all the rape-y, rupturing the “cotton ceiling” nonsense coming out of Planned Parenthood Toronto just now. Yikes.

    I like a good cross-49th-parallel neener-neener fest as much as the next North American, but this whole “cotton ceiling” ickyness is something any lesbian should be able to agree upon: XY + penis-at-birth = male lesbian. Period. The End. Go find a different hobby dudes and let lesbians have a sexual preference without creepy-weird pressures, judgments, manipulations, guilt-trips etc. from M2M “trans women”. Bye.

  22. Ooops, WordPress didn’t like my “not equals” sign.

    One more time in letters:

    XY plus penis-at-birth equals male does not equal lesbian.

    Period. Etc.

  23. Everyone knows SCAMs aren’t really female/women/lesbians, including SCAMs. We just live in a female-hating society where males feel entitled to do whatever they damn well please to females and demand females masochistically submit to male sadism. Mentally, these boys never left the plantation and still feel entitled to servants and slaves to cater to their every whim, desire and fantasy. All I can say is, it’s nice to want things. Sorry boys, but I don’t date outside my species.

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