GLAAD hates females and lesbians:
“So let us take inventory here shall we? 41,000 people have been motivated to action where a male-to-female transgender wants to compete with real women over who is the most male-pleasing; said male-to-female transgender gets feminist attorney Gloria Allred to help him fight for his right to internalize misogyny and be the bestest male-pleaser; and GLAAD — an organization that supposedly represents lesbians’ interests but lately doesn’t even return lesbians’ phone calls — commends the organizers’ decision to allow a male-to-female transgender to internalize misogyny because justice, just weeks after GLAAD also publicly heralded male-to-female transgender Monica Roberts as a progressive political “trailblazer” even though Monica Roberts has threatened to “pimp slap” women; refers to women as “fish” and has made public, graphic death threats against a lesbian activist.”

Radfem News Service

A transgender woman who has has been fighting for her right to internalize misogyny by competing in a beauty pageant has gotten what she wanted, reports CNN.  While she was initially disqualified by the organizers of Miss Universe Canada because she was not a “natural born woman” and because she had lied about having had sex-reassignment surgery, pageant organizers Monday reversed their decision and will now allow male-to-female transgender model Jenna Talackova to compete.

The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, or GLAAD, commended the pageant organizer’s decision.

The 61st annual Miss Universe Canada Pageant will be held in Toronto on May 19.

From the article:

Speaking to CNN Tuesday, [owner Donald] Trump said that according to the laws of Canada and the United States, Talackova should be allowed to enter the pageant.

‘So she will be entering the Miss Canada pageant, but we went strictly by the laws,’…

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  1. Stunning. Staggering. What shit.

    Would Donald Trump really wanna fuck that guy? Would any straight dood? Of course not. But they love to fuck the female mind. That’s what this is all about.

    Please tell me that Gloria Aldred is not a lesbian.

  2. Sorry – didn’t see how this beauty pageant thing was anything to do with lesbians – it’s a showcase of het female-fuckability. Where’s the lesbian angle?

    I said that about Gloria Aldred because it would be bitter to know that a lesbian had done this work for him.

    Where did I screw up?

    I was pointing out that males approve of this spurious contestant because of the damage that that approval does to the minds of females. Sometimes I call that a mindfuck – but will in the future refrain from that language if you prefer.

  3. “…didn’t see how this beauty pageant thing was anything to do with lesbians – it’s a showcase of het female-fuckability. Where’s the lesbian angle?”

    I posted/reblogged this because I thought the article did an excellent job of communicating GLAAD’s priorities vis a vis LESBIANs. Thought I outlined that pretty clearly in the text of my post above? Great article and well worth a read. Thanks.

  4. I thought it was appropriate here, too. *I* care about it. Thank you, GM. There was a time when I was active in GLAAD as well as other national G/L organizations, but every time I turn around these days, there is less and less “L” and more and more you-know-what. My question for the day is this: If, as the T people insist, transsexualism and all has nothing to do with sexual orientation, then why is the “T” there in all these groups in the first place? I’m sure there’s a pat answer, but I’m in the dark on this one.

  5. WTF??? You didn’t screw up, Mary, and you do not have to submit to that inappropriate criticism.

    I agree, Gallus and Kitty — this is extremely relevant for us all. I posted about this on fb as well. It is one more example of all the outrage and appropriation. And it is EXTREMELY important to be aware of how anti-female and anti-Lesbian GLAAD is being.

    Every inroad the trannies make further hurts Lesbians and all women. At the same time, this case is far more helpful to us than I have thought, so I’m left wondering at the attempt to silence and censor — is there another motive?

    We HAVE to keep discussing and publicizing every time the men intrude into something for women, no matter what it is. This time, I was very pleasantly surprised that a dear Lesbian friend who is not a feminist made this comment, which means that discussing this issue is radicalizing her:

    “If they would abolish this ridiculous contest we wouldn’t have to worry about these issues. Awards for Miss anything is absolutely insulting with the realities of world wide oppression against women. How about we take the money that sponsors this event and save homeless, raped, starving, brutalized women around the UNIVERSE.”

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