Are Lesbian Marriages Doomed for Failure?

“Lesbian break-ups can apparently be bitchier than gay men’s.” wrote columnist Giles Hattersley in the Sunday Times this weekend as he speculated his way through a piece on why 62% of civil union dissolutions (i.e. divorces) in the UK are between women despite the fact that lesbian relationships only represent 44% of civil partnerships in that country.
Hattersley gives several reasons for why married lesbians can’t seem to stay together (which I will outline below) but ignores the obvious explanations – divorces are almost always instigated by women and people who have already been married once are more likely to divorce in the future.

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One comment on “Are Lesbian Marriages Doomed for Failure?

  1. not necessarily true..every relationship lasts longer due to each other’s willingness to accept weaknesses, bear with the not so beautiful things about partner, ready to give and take…nonetheless, it’s in the individuality (gay or straight really doesn’t count)

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