Wordpress.com / Automattic censors Lesbian and Feminist Blogs

If you are a blogger with multiple million readership, do take notice that Automattic who hosts WordPress.Com will censor you and freeze your blog, suddenly preventing you from moderating and approving comments, with no explanation, and no reply to your inquiry. You will be locked out of your own blog, prevented from posting, editing, or updating, with no explanation or prior notice whatsoever. Do take notice of this if you are interested in choosing a platform for your blog, especially if you are a lesbian or feminist blogger, who seem most effected. To repeat: Automattic who host WordPress.com practices censorship of feminist and lesbian blogs at random, without notice, and you will have no response from administration when they do so.




57 comments on “Wordpress.com / Automattic censors Lesbian and Feminist Blogs

  1. It is terrible. This is the second time my Automattic hosted blog- a respected, well-reported site with millions of readers, cited widely by feminist academics and lesbian historians, as well as mainstream media – has been locked and censored by Automattic host with no notice, no explanation, and no response. Truly outrageous censorship.

  2. The last time this happened they re-instated me after three days with no explanation whatsoever, after inconveniencing thousands of readers.

  3. I think there is a serious issue here in that the men who have founded these allegedly open blog platforms did not anticipate hosting the opinions of women.

  4. mm, I’m an old thing and a bit past it, but it’s gonna become more crucial that women do programming and own sites. Shame on wordpress, shame!

  5. Yours is one of the few sites I found that provides a different perspective on TGs. Most everything else is pro-trans propaganda. They demand to be placed upon a pedestol and anyone who questions and/or disagrees with their version of reality is guilty of a hate crime. Hence, they justify sabotaging and censoring opposing POVs.

    Hope gendertrender is back to normal soon. If there is anything readers can do to help, say so.

  6. Unperson, I am also an old thing, too – alumni of working for male person political campaign when he was “for womens rights”, alumni of the Chicken Soup Brigade for AIDS patients, and blah blah for blah blah.

    Not only are their sex pay discrepancies in this west coast city, mecca of techa, but that pay disparity only hides the frat boy mentality that permeates technology from the inside out.

    I’m so sorry GM for your trubble and all of our loss of free speech by what is undoubtedly pissed off frat boys wearing dresses. Another example of how technology is shamefully sexist.

  7. So sorry they’re doing this to you and to us, Gallus. Do you think it has to do with your reporting on the Dana McCallum case? I suppose it could be due to ANY of your recent posts. Or all of them, and the trans-activists just wait for the right moment, whatever that may be.

    Funny how blogs which practice and promote misogyny are apparently safe and untouchable. Anti-feminist and anti-woman content is barely a blip on the radar, but any criticism of trans people (mostly males) and their practices and politics creates a loud distress signal. It is an outrage, but hardly a surprise: we understand that full humanity is granted (at least in liberal circles, but also sometimes in conservative circles) to specific groups which are male, or which include males.

  8. Gallus, you are doing a fantastic job with ur site. This is why trannies are so obsessed with it, and want to silence it. Men being the assholes they inherently are go along with their tranny brethren whenever they want to silence women. I hope u get reinstated fast!

  9. Thanks everyone. GenderTrender is still on ice. I’ve sent three inquiries and have heard nothing back. Pretty incredible. Some of you will recall this happened previously when I was covering the Suzanne Moore/Julie Burchill dust-up. In that case I was re-instated after several days without explanation. Still in a holding pattern here. The fact that my account itself is not blocked, and I can post and approve comments here on the same account is a “good sign” I should think.

  10. Reblogged this on Gender Realities and commented:
    The Automattic/WordPress.com censorship of GallusMag’s GenderTrender is happening again. Meh. Women need our own server farms, our own engineers running them, etc. Women who are speaking the truth about trans* are a precious resource!

  11. One wonders where the hell it is safe for Lesbians and RFs to inhabit . Free from patriarchal tyranny and patro-censoring! Knowing too much is a dangerous thing and gets up the ass of patrifarky!

  12. The last time they did this I was infected by a WordPress specific virus that destroyed my optics card and left me without a computer, so I guess I’m ahead this time at least.

  13. I contacted Automatic and asked them to address and remedy your situation. If your blog was hacked, they need to correct the problem. If they are part of the good old boys club and it was intentional, piss on these mutants and the horse they rode in on.

    Susan is right. Women need to have their own network. Since computers, programming, and wireless technology are brought to us courtesy of women, it’s completely feasible. πŸ™‚

  14. and thank you to the women who have re-posted the Dana McCallum post on tumblr and those who have boosted the post and also this post (apparently Automattic has blocked fellow network users from re-blogging the original post).

  15. I am so sorry you are dealing with this, GM. This is incredibly infuriating. Being a heterosexual crossdresser/alleged rapist/ “top 10 lgbtwtfbbq pretendbian in tech” has its benefits! Shutting up any woman who rejects your dick! The silence surrounding this scumbag is deafening.

  16. @RandomRadfem: Indeed. Dana McCallum has many powerful friends in IT, and in the male-centric genderist community at large. For example, the rape defendant is a close personal friend of “husband blogger” Helen Boyd, who recently spearheaded censorship against feminist speakers at the university where she is a paid speaker -because there were fears that feminists might hurt men’s feelings.

    No surprise if employees of Automattic / WordPress.com are male trans: heterosexual males who transgender are overwhelmingly represented in the IT industry, as well as the military-industrial complex. Matt Mullenweg himself likely has a personal, if not professional, relationship to the accused rapist.

    It’s been suggested to me that I consider moving over to Blogger, or Tumblr. I have no intention of doing that. I’ve done nothing wrong. In no way have I violated the TOS of Automattic/Wordpress.com. If Automattic and WordPress.com has a censorship problem vis a vis Lesbian and Feminist blogs, then- that is a reality that must be dealt with head on, in the court of public discourse. Automattic hosts Time Magazine, The New York Post, etc. If Automattic cannot handle hosting the GenderTrender site due to men complaining that feminists have hurt their feelings then that is in itself, newsworthy.

  17. The SF Examiner article comments on McCollum is showing some excellent pushback to trans agenda.

    It’s heartening to see a male techie observing that in the all-male IT world these special snowflakes try to get attention by becoming “women” – and many others questioning tranny trans tropes.

    I am also curious if the larger publications using WordPress could investigate the WordPress abuses against women and lesbians – I’d like to see if there are criminal activities to deny our rights by Twitter staffers.

  18. The WordPress code is downloadable and installable elsewhere (http://wordpress.org/). If you don’t mind paying for a VPS (the drawback of hosting your own site) I can help you setup our blog elsewhere where you have complete control over it and nobody can censor you.

  19. @Amy- the problem with that is that angry men attack feminist blogs with DOS and hacking. I stay in network for the same reason that gay blogger JoeMyGod stays on Blogspot: it prevents hacking and DOS attacks.

  20. The discussion with Automattic / WordPress.com is not being carried out in good faith, it appears. I suggest if anyone wants a copy of anything on GenderTrender that they obtain it now.

  21. That’s very bad news, Gallus.

    The IT men of WordPress, Twitter, etc., have no metaphoric/literal balls. Cowards, they are.

    There are conservative blogs out there, authored by conservative men, who have NO fear of “misgendering” male rapists and telling the truth about the delusions, transgressions and boundary violations at the heart of trans mentality, activism and behaviour. But they don’t confront these other men or try to destroy their forums. Because they are chicken. Because they are failed men. Like Fallon Fox, they’d rather enter the ring where they know they have a better chance of winning, and they have no qualms about beating up women or censoring their words.

  22. I think men are just so shocked to hear women speak candidly. They silence us under threat of violence with such regularity that they are actually not accustomed to hearing us speak. They find it shocking and outrageous.

  23. I hope you have a back-up of your blog?

    This is outrageous that McCollum, a misogynist pig of a man, who is a rapist and a violent abuser of women, is supported by WordPress and Twitter, who use their power to censor and and shut down any discussion of it by women who have a problem with this fucktard. More outrageous, referring to this piece of dog shit as a woman – and a lesbian, no less. If there was any doubt that the liberal left is just as male supremacist and female-hating as the conservative right, this should remove all doubt.

    With any luck, McCollum will convicted of all 3 counts of felony rape, and spend the rest of his life in a cage in a male prison where he belongs. He can then also say bye-bye to his job at Twitter. As for all the money he’s supposedly coming into, good luck spending it from prison. It would be poetic justice if his wife is the only one who benefits from it.

    It begs the question tho, if this all happened in January, why this news story is just now breaking?

  24. @babaszep- no change on this end. Looks like PantyPoPo was also able to reblog, but most were not able. Dunno. Awaiting Automattic / WordPress to resume discussions.

  25. I don’t have a blog, so I prayed for you. feels like a long time now, since my last update on the erasure of the female by demonic men. eh, they been at it since the fall.

  26. Censorship update: DAY SIX. GenderTrender remains suspended. This is day six. I remain locked out of my dashboard and am unable to post or access and approve comments. 48 hours ago, on Moday April 14, I received an email from Automattic / WordPress.com asking me to contact them. I did so. I have received no further reply. I have messaged them daily. A few readers have also messaged WordPress.com / Automattic on my behalf. They have also received no reply. Thank you to those who have contacted Automattic / WordPress on my behalf. x

  27. hey Gallus are you interested in self hosting (we could help with donations) or would you rather not because it is difficult to remain anonymous?
    Anyway there is a section in the settings that allows you to download your entire blog for the purpose of hosting it somewhere else, and that works even when a blog is suspended.
    Hope they will reinstate it πŸ™‚

  28. The least they could do is tell you why. But then I’m sure they know they have no good reason to censor your blog. This is just an exercise of raw power done out of spite for….something. These blokes don’t deserve any better treatment than what they are giving to you, Gallus, and to all of us.

  29. In the interim, much as I’d like to, II can’t comment at Twanzphobic Forever, cos I don’t have any of the accepted accounts you can post from. I think the best thing to do is to adopt the acronym FART, to describe wimmin hating trannies – FART = Feminist Attacking Radical Trannies.

  30. #solidarity

    It is sad that females do not seem to have the free speech option that men and all male -born people are given.

    I really hope that females retain basic rights to free speech, and you get your blog back.

    Who are allowed to criticize? Apparently, no one if you are a female.

  31. “With any luck, McCollum will convicted of all 3 counts of felony rape…”

    Presuming that the justice system works:

    If A=B and B=C, then A=C
    If any luck(A) means conviction(B) and conviction(B) means rape(C),
    then “With any luck, there is conviction” means “With any luck, there was rape”

    Does anyone else see a problem there? I can’t be the only one, can I? I hope that was just very poor choice of words; To think that Feminism would be delighted at the (at least somewhat) luck(y) rape of a woman…

  32. @Hermione- 1. All self-hosted Feminist blogs which critique sex-roles have been attacked and eliminated by censorial transgender MRA hackers/DOS attacks. Even high volume Gay male blogs- like JoeMyGod, stay in network to avoid such censorial attacks. 2. WordPress.com blog data is not transferable to another network such as Blogger or Tumblr.

  33. @Hermione- Also, WordPress.com blog downloads do not include any images, avatars or screencaps, which makes transfer even among WordPress a huge venture (this is why it took so long for RadFemHub to be restored), especially for a blog like G/T with four years and hundreds of posts.

  34. @”Alias”- Dana? Is that you sir?

    No. I don’t see a problem with that woman’s statement. I DO see a problem in that you are a sick and twisted rape apologist male.

  35. Censorship Update: DAY SEVEN. I continue to message Automattic / WordPress.com every 24 hours via:

    1. email at the address they provided
    2. the contact form provided on my disabled dashboard
    3. customer service

    requesting assistance/ resolution/ update.
    I continue to receive no reply.

    Thank you to those of you who have also contacted Automattic / WordPress.com on my behalf. Thank you to those of you who have messaged, blogged, and tweeted about ongoing censorship of Feminist and Lesbian blogs by Automattic / WordPress.com, and about the censoring of GenderTrender. x

  36. You can download a full backup of GenderTrender using HTTrack, which is free. It will download everything – images, links, comments, etc.

  37. @ Alias – LOL, are attempting to impose mathematical properties of equalities on properties which are unequal? Were your parents really disappointed when you flunked math?

    Stick to what you know about, dude. Which is basically nothing other than how to be a creepy rape apologist.

  38. Alias/Dana’s crazy argument rests on rapist logic: that the alleged rapist is the plaintiff and the alleged victim is the defendant. This is a perverse reversal of “innocent until proven guilty” and the product of a porn-soaked brain.

    I’m willing to bet that “Alias” constructed his A-B-C argument while wearing clothing from the ladies department.

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