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This is a space for Lesbians.

What is a lesbian? A lesbian is a female who is sexually and romantically oriented to other females. You may know us as the “L” in the acronym “LGBT”. Lesbians support the rights of GBT’s to gather and support each other in G and B and T spaces! Sometimes LGBT people come together in shared spaces, or to combine forces on issues that effect all LGBT people. And sometimes we need our own spaces- especially lesbians, because lesbians are females living in a profoundly female-hating culture. Please respect and support our boundaries and the intention of this space.

Enjoy! And Welcome!


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  1. Sorry, have to agree with Aussy here. But personally, I would have a bit (a tiny bit) of respect for “womyn-born-womyn” lesbian spaces if only you just admitted what the trans-exclusion is about: Namely, that you *feel* somewhat creeped-out by trans women because they used to have “boy parts” or whatever (though this fact should be irrelevant to any activities at public events). This truth is quite simple and plainly apparent. And, yes, trans women *are* women, and some are lesbians — that is also truth.

    Therefore, I would suggest just admitting that it is supporters of trans-exclusion, not trans people, who have the psychological issue and thus require accommodation (via segregation) to feel better in their spaces. That would be honesty, at least — better than having dishonesty added to a mix of bigotry and hypocrisy.

    By the way, if you think my view arises from being trans and bitter about being denied access to these spaces, think again:. (1) No one realizes I’m trans unless I tell them, so I do have access if I wished. (2) I have no desire to hang out with those whom I see as bigots. (3) I’m not a lesbian anyway. On the other hand, I does bother me that some of my sisters in the LGBT community so stridently defend their own transphobia, instead of using that energy to strive to free their hearts and minds of prejudice.

  2. @Carolyn- You are a man. Men are not lesbians. Because= Men. You were told to respect this space, yet you chose to ejaculate on it. <<<Male, Man, also <<<Prick.

  3. What do they call those man made rocks that intimate Diamonds? Note there is a reason cut glass or pressurized stone doesn’t get you the same Value as the Real thing. See that is the same difference between a female bodied person that is a woman and the trans knock off male distorted and created versions of womanhood that doesn’t pass for the real thing to any1 that knows the difference between what is real and fake.

  4. Is there any room in your space for natural-born male allies? I wholeheartedly support your position on trans men pretending that changing the plumbing has changed their sex. There doesnt seem to be any way of actively supporting you without intruding on your space, but please know that while we may seem to be strange bedfellows, you will find many allies among heterosexual males in your battle. I believe women, regardless of their sexual orientation, have a right to create and define their own space as they choose. Kind of an old-fashioned idea, really.

  5. I’m super cool with feminism. But transphobia sucks. Trans women are women (though GallusMag, your logic of “Because=Men” is certainly airtight). As a cis-woman, I’m not so insecure about my identity that someone else living their identity poses a threat to me. I’m celebrating my transwomen friends and the beautiful diversity they bring to what it means to be a woman! The way they live their identity helps me to live mine.

  6. Nope. This is a hate-filled space and you have absolutely pissed me off for the rest of the day. You have re-affirmed that just like every other goddamn “we’re so marginalized group” you can’t see beyond your own noses to realize YOU ARE PROPAGATING THE HATE YOU CLAIM TO BE NEEDING A SPACE AWAY FROM. I agree, fuck the patriarchy. But all men are idiots? Trans women aren’t acceptable? Do you hear yourself? Your narrow vision and exclusionary views will be your downfall, as will be the case of those you claim are oppressing you. Life’s not fair, bitches, get over yourselves and deal with it. I can’t wait to hear what label or box you place me in – as if it fucking matters. We are all human. Once you decide to join in and accept this, along with many other groups of people that feel they got the short end of the stick, we, as a species may be able to start healing. Until then, you, personally, are making me sick with your imbecilic rhetoric and undergrad-in-college tone of self-righteousness and moral correctness. Grow up.

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