WordPress.com / Automattic censors Lesbian and Feminist Blogs

If you are a blogger with multiple million readership, do take notice that Automattic who hosts WordPress.Com will censor you and freeze your blog, suddenly preventing you from moderating and approving comments, with no explanation, and no reply to your inquiry. You will be locked out of your own blog, prevented from posting, editing, or updating, with no explanation or prior notice whatsoever. Do take notice of this if you are interested in choosing a platform for your blog, especially if you are a lesbian or feminist blogger, who seem most effected. To repeat: Automattic who host WordPress.com practices censorship of feminist and lesbian blogs at random, without notice, and you will have no response from administration when they do so.




Sacha Baron Cohen’s new film: The Lesbian

Cecil Chao Sze-tsung

From Time:

“Cohen and his production company Four by Two Films have signed an agreement with Paramount Pictures to develop a project inspired by Cecil Chao Sze-tsung, Hong Kong’s version of both Hugh Hefner and Donald Trump, Deadline.com reported on Thursday. The movie, tentatively titled ‘The Lesbian’, would be inspired by Chao’s public refusal to acknowledge his daughter’s same-sex partnership and his pledge to give a $65 million dowry to any man who would marry her.”

Read more: http://newsfeed.time.com/2012/10/07/sacha-baron-cohens-next-movie-the-lesbian/#ixzz2934E5IqI



Julie Bindel: Where is the Politics in Sex?

“What makes some of us uncomfortable with bisexual women? It is because either we think it is a lesbian having straight sex, or a straight girl testing out her fantasies on us before returning to men?

In today’s post-modern, queer-focused world, bisexuality is being promoted both to lesbians and to heterosexual women as the latest fashion trend. This has resulted in lesbian politics, namely feminism, being passed over for a sexual hedonism, where the only thing that matters is sexual pleasure and desire.

Similarly, bisexuality is sold to heterosexual women as some type of recreation away from her ‘natural home’ of straight sex. It is seen as “temporary lesbianism.

It is more à la mode to have sex with a man if you are a lesbian than if you’re a straight woman, who is merely going back to what she is expected to do “naturally.” Lesbians having hetero sex are seen as transgressive, when in fact they are simply reverting to a traditional way of being a woman.

For the straight woman, having a girlfriend on the side is almost like having the latest Prada handbag.

Camille Paglia, the most famous anti-lesbian lesbian has written reams about how she worships the penis and cannot understand those of us who do not.”

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Jane Lynch: Smith College 2012 Commencement Speech

Long but amusing. Worth a listen as you multitask or do whatever it is that you do. There’s a shorter version out there but I didn’t listen to that one so I don’t know what was cut.  Jane talks about being married to a “Smithie”, her experiences growing up feeling like a “boy in a girl’s body” and wishing for the freedom the male children had, and gives advice to the female graduates.

In a bizarre aside, a Bilerico guest blogger writes to report that a subculture of female students that call themselves “GenderQueer” and “deny” being reproductively female “Sobbed with anger” at being addressed by Lynch as “ladies” and “women” during the women’s college graduation ceremony: http://www.bilerico.com/2012/05/my_thoughts_on_the_smith_college_commencement_cere.php

Julie Bindel: Anti-lesbianism is a ruse to keep all women in our place

The hounding of Carina Trimingham serves as a warning to anyone who chooses to reject the trappings of femininity

Julie Bindel guardian.co.uk, Friday 25 May 2012

“Everyone knows that lesbians are ugly. Because we tend not to dress for male approval, often rejecting makeup, high heels and other trappings of femininity, lesbians can be considered aesthetically unacceptable by both men and other women.

There are exceptions, of course, such as those who provide girl-on-girl porn excitement to men, as with the stars of the video Naughty Girls sharing their huge toy, or the entire cast of Lip Service, a BBC3 drama series in which every single lesbian is skinny, achingly trendy and lashed with lipstick. But, as a general rule, the public image of a lesbian is not attractive. After all, if we were not grotesque, some man would desire us, and we need not seek sad but necessary consolation with each other. That is perhaps why Carina Trimingham has come in for such a bashing from the tabloid press, ever since it was discovered that she was having an affair with Chris Huhne. Here is a lezzer a man actually wants!”


‘UNFIT: Ward vs. Ward’- how lesbian mom lost custody to murderer dad

From Steve Rothaus @the Miami Herald:

“Mary Ward, a divorced gay woman, lost custody of her pre-teen daughter, Cassey, in 1995 when a Pensacola judge declared the girl should “live in a nonlesbian world.”

Judge Joseph Q. Tarbuck ruled Cassey’s father would make a better parent — even though John Ward had pleaded guilty to murdering his first wife in a rage over custody of their daughter, who years later said he tried to sexually abuse her.

In 1996, a Florida appeals court upheld Tarbuck’s decision and an anguished Mary Ward, 47, died of a heart attack soon after.

A documentary about the case,UNFIT: Ward vs. Ward, debuts Monday night at the 14th annual Miami Gay & Lesbian Film Festival. The 75-minute movie was produced by Miami Beach filmmakers Edwin Scharlau and Katie Carmichael.

Women who love Women (Singapore)

“One of the few documentaries ever made about lesbians in Singapore, this documentary, filmed in 2006 uses interview footage with three Singaporean lesbians -Amanda Lee, Sabrina Renee Chong and Gea Swee Jean, to get a rare glimpse into lesbian lives in Singapore. Intimate and often candid, these lesbians share about their lives and loves and their views on topics such as coming out and relationships. Sometimes heartbreaking, and often times, funny, the documentary captures the lives of lesbians who have chosen to live authentically and is a testament to the courage, tenacity and experiences of lesbians living in Singapore.”