Jane Lynch: Smith College 2012 Commencement Speech

Long but amusing. Worth a listen as you multitask or do whatever it is that you do. There’s a shorter version out there but I didn’t listen to that one so I don’t know what was cut.  Jane talks about being married to a “Smithie”, her experiences growing up feeling like a “boy in a girl’s body” and wishing for the freedom the male children had, and gives advice to the female graduates.

In a bizarre aside, a Bilerico guest blogger writes to report that a subculture of female students that call themselves “GenderQueer” and “deny” being reproductively female “Sobbed with anger” at being addressed by Lynch as “ladies” and “women” during the women’s college graduation ceremony: http://www.bilerico.com/2012/05/my_thoughts_on_the_smith_college_commencement_cere.php